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;;so if Romero is going after Zane
and Dylan is supposed to protect Zane image

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Character Stats Framework.


: Noodle
  • Full Name: Suzuki Gonkura
  • Nickname(s): Noodle, Niinii, Nina, Lil’ Love
  • Title: The Axe Princess, The Ice Maiden
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: October 31 1990
  • Species: Meta-Human.
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Gender: Female
  • Preferred Pronoun(s): She/her
  • Romantic Orientation: Bicurious
  • Sexual Orientation: Bicurious
  • Religion: N/A
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Status: Alive
  • Verses: Many
  • Parents: N/A; created in a test tube
  • Siblings: N/A; none directly related; Dominick, Loki, and 2D
  • Family: Her band members
  • Significant Other(s): N/A
  • Children: N/A
  • Closest Friends: Her band members, Pippin, Dominick, Loki, Colt
  • Rivals: Cyborg Noodle
  • Enemies: N/A
Physical Traits
  • Eye Color(s): Green
  • Hair Color(s): Violet
  • Height: 4’11”
  • Body Build: Short, petite, slender, muscular
  • Notable Traits: A large burn scar around her left eye.
Phobias and Diseases
  • Phobia(s): Death
  • Mental Disease(s): PTSD, Anxiety
  • When and how was this diagnosed?: After her return from Hell.
  • Physical Disease(s): N/A
  • When was this diagnosed and/or how did it happen?: N/A.
  • Usual Mood/Expression: Perky. Bright.
  • Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Enneagram: ESTP
  • Four Temperaments: Sanguine
  • Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
  • Top Five Tropes: Adaptional Badass, Beautiful All Along, Daddy’s Girl, I Have Brother, Break the Cutie
  • Five Prominent Traits: Brave, Intelligent, Optimistic, Self-Centered, Strong
  • Skills: Martial Arts, Weapons Use, Dance, Music
  • Hobbies: Eating. Cooking. Shopping. Smoking.
  • Element: Air
  • Animal: Monkey
  • Anything else you want to add: N/A
  • Compassion: 8/10
  • Empathy: 7/10
  • Creativity: 10/10
  • Mental Flexibility: 5/10
  • Passion/Motivation: 9/10
  • Education: 10/10
  • Stamina: 10/10
  • Physical Strength: 10/10
  • Battle Skill: 7/10
  • Initiative: 6/10
  • Restraint: 9/10
  • Agility: 10/10
  • Strategy: 10/10
  • Teamwork: 7/10
  • Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence: 10/10
  • Visual-Spatial Intelligence: 9/10
  • Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence: 10/10
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: 10/10
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: 8/10
  • Interpersonal Intelligence: 9/10
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence: 7/10
  • Existential Intelligence: 10/10
  • Naturalistic Intelligence: 10/10
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"I’ll give it back, if you go to the store for me."

❀—-   “…What d’you need?”

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       ”I was just slightly distracted by my game, that’s all.” Saying slightly is an understatement. Since the fall led him to fail his game, he just closed his DS and saved it into the pocket of his jacket. “I’m fine, the floor’s much more comfortable than that chair. But I guess I’ll opt for standing up.” He couldn’t hide the chuckle that was coming out of his mouth, as he got up next to the stranger.

❀—-   “Aye? What game were you playin’ there?” The little violet haired petite is a fan of all kinds of video games. Her own Pikachu adorned 3DS is hiding in the depths of a pastel pink backpack she’s carrying around on her shoulders. “I don’t find floor’s all that comfortable, but each to their own, hai?”

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you can have FOUR


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❀—-   “I want my money back, baka.”

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One of my favorite moments

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QUEEN. on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/107938339


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+2 Ono o Kiita



{ ღ } —-     Turning to see a tinier person before her, she crossed her arms over her chest, and examined the stranger. What exactly was she supposed to tell this one? That she was in the middle of the great zombie apocalypse and that she needed to be careful. Worth a shot.

                              “You’re in the walls of what is considered the only thing protecting us from the corpses. I hate to break it to you, but you’re in the middle of an apocalyptic war.

❀—-   Strange. Noodle does not recall travelling this far. She tugs on a strand of messy purple hair. Her lower lip pokes out slightly as the blonde speaks. The young lady has been spending most of her time in the air, travelling atop a landmass topped with a windmill

"I assume this is America?" Noodle herself has been in England for a majority of her life. When this new…Virus broke out, she hightailed it to the Island. And she’s only recently left London.

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